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The power of HubSpot

Transform how you sell with the power of HubSpot. With a successful inbound strategy and implementation, you can:

• Converse with and delight your customers by keeping them at the centre of your flywheel.

• Align your sales, marketing and service teams for a streamlined and powerful sales channel.

• Create and promote content to help your prospects find you.

• Create a base of loyal customers and advocates.

• Use data to optimise user experiences, identify and take advantage of growth opportunities.


Using pull-based marketing strategies, we attract good-fit strangers with helpful content and through conversion-based tactics, convert them to prospects.

Why our customers choose HubSpot

Attract, engage and delight your customers with HubSpot. It is a powerful sales, marketing and servicing suite that helps you streamline customer experiences by keeping your ideal customer at the centre of all your efforts. With HubSpot’s sales, servicing and marketing tools, you have access to the best of breed tools to improve ROI. The HubSpot Growth Platform is the market leader in inbound technology, and it comes with many advantages:

Seamless information flow

Use HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing, sales, and service technology to help your teams break down silos and work together, seamlessly.

See your customers from a single point of view

All three platforms work from one database, meaning every department has the same view of the customer and can access all customer information in one place.

Integrate with your current tech stack

It’s designed to integrate with other technologies, meaning it can work well with your current technologies.

Test the waters first

Start with HubSpot’s free CRM that still allows for robust solutions, and is easy to upgrade when you’re ready to grow.

Intuitive and user friendly

You don’t need to have any prior CMS or technical experience to start using HubSpot.

Make data-driven decisions

With access to detailed insights, you can build easy-to-understand reports highlighting the information that matters to you and your clients.

Why Choose DXG for your HubSpot strategy and implementation?

At DXG, we combine years of experience with the power of Hubspot to make sure your customers’ journey across marketing, sales and servicing is frictionless, no matter their industry.

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Case Studies

Nexa understood the brief right from the beginning and within a short time frame had developed a comprehensive plan to hit our lead generation targets. Their HubSpot knowledge and delivery expertise is second to none and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other businesses facing similar challenges.


We've been working with the Spitfire team since 2017 and the Coronavirus pandemic has served to highlight why we value that relationship so highly. They are a responsive, creative team who were able to quickly and effectively adapt our strategy to meet the rapidly changing needs of our prospects, leads, customers and business.

Nathalie Leblond

Category Manager at Initial

Cognition is helping us to drive a wholesale reappraisal to our approach to marketing and implement and drive inbound marketing tactics across the global Wall Street English network.

Ivan Croxford

Head of Marketing Programmes Development at Wall Street English International

Markentive helped us launch a complex project and quickly analyzed our needs to provide for a powerful inbound strategy, comprehensive HubSpot training, and deliverables that keep us on track and allow us to achieve our goals. We were especially pleased with their availability and responsiveness on the various communication channels.

Maximilien Grolier

Lead Product Manager at Solocal